Mood Point

Mood Point

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Mood Point is a set that makes a child's room to any living room even more special. The design makes any room more bright. 

 This Set Includes:

  • UL Incandescent straight light strand with 24 or bulbs
  • 24 or 48 x 3" Cotton Balls 
  • You will need to make a small slit next to the hole using scissors or a razor blade. Some balls may already be pre-cut. Before making the slit, press around the hole with your finger to confirm the ball is not already pre-cut. 
  • Toggle ON/OFF switch approximately 4' from end
  • Standard US plug
  • 1 year warranty on light strand
  • Colors include Coral, Sea Foam, Buttermilk, Silver, and Indigo. 

24 Set:

  • Plug to toggle switch = 4'
  • Plug to last light = 15'
  • First light to last light = 10'

48 Set:

  • Plug to toggle switch = 4'
  • Plug to last light = 25'
  • First light to last light = 21'

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